International Moods – Trying To Be / FXD015

Release Date : March 5, 2021
Artist : International Moods
Genres : Electronica, Experimental, Glitch-Hop, Indietronic
Catalog ref. : FXD015
Format : Digital Download

The frequent travellers F.M. Einheit, Zero Cash & Khan are back. To be honest, their last road trip took a little longer – various transfer lounges, monumental soundscapes, broken rhythms (and also hearts) & cinematic melodies later – and suddenly 10 years have actually passed. Travelling isn’t in fashion at the moment anyway, the album format is somehow not what it used to be – but: it doesn’t help! Then it will be time for a sign of life. The first of a total of 3 EPs is called ‘Trying To Be’ – three tracks showing what International Moods is all about: always not keeping up with the zeitgeist, but providing a longer half-life. Music that still surprises you when you listen to it for the third time and, in the best case, triggers the synapses and massages them at the same time. And sometimes the drop only comes after 3 minutes. But that’s how it has to be, everyone else can go straight on, there is nothing to see for them. And the second part is coming soon – stay tuned.